Semester Exam Information

Edinburg Consolidated Independent School District 

Curriculum & Instruction Department 

2022-2023 Final Exam Exemption Application Information

As per board policy EIAA (Local), student shall have the opportunity to earn up to three final exam exemptions in courses taken to meet high school graduation requirements. Exemptions shall be based on the following grade average and attendance requirements:


Semester Grade Average

Excused Absences Allowed in the Course

90 or above





In addition, a student must have no documented Level II disciplinary referrals in the class of the exemption or a Level II referral from a campus administrator or for any off-campus incident. 

Documented absences for reasons addressed in the Education Code shall not be counted against the student for purposes of semester exam exemptions.  In addition, absences due to school-sponsored trips or absences initiated by an administrator/school counselor shall not be counted in determining eligibility for exam exemptions. [See policy FEA for a list of excused absences]

A student must declare his or her intent to use an exemption prior to the administration of the exam.

Students who qualify for exemptions are required to be in attendance on the day of the exam.  Failure to be in attendance shall result in the student receiving an incomplete.  The student shall be required to take the final exam to remove the incomplete.         

 Semester averages will be calculated at the time of application.

 Exemption Application Form is due prior to the start of the semester exams.